Hello World

These next few weeks are a big deal.

Soon we will launch our new SaaS service and with that marks the evolution of Raison from an agency to a service.

Raison is the name of the WooCommerce agency I set up five years ago. We grew to become the best known Woo agency in the UK. We helped build and grow e-commerce businesses across the globe.

We built custom plugins, a developers child theme for WooThemes Canvas, wrote ebooks and did a lot of consultancy to help sites grow.

We’ve had projects that succeeded and projects that failed. It’s been a constant learning experience that we’ve come out of stronger.

I’m dead proud to have helped get the wheels moving for WooCommerce, which was purchased by Automattic last year and has seen a considerable jump in market share.

At WordCamp Manchester, I gave a talk about how we made the transition from being a client-focused agency to a product focused agency.  I discussed our discovery and development process to create our WordPress plugin, Grow.

Since then we have developed our product into a SaaS solution. Thanks to the fantastic feedback from our plugin users we have a new and exciting stage in Raison’s future.

As we develop the Raison brand into a service rather than an agency I decided to create my personal WordPress site to document the experience.

The opportunity ahead is enormous, and I am full of excitement to reveal our new service to the world. Welcome to my blog where I’ll be writing more about this journey.



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