My story from agency to startup

We’re one month away from the start of the year when the Twittersphere was abound with resolutions and medium posts on ‘new direction’. I’m a bit late to the party. Here is a post on my new direction. That’s strange, I usually say ‘Our’. I’m used to talking in the third person. This is a post […]

Thoughts on Site Upgrade

This week we pushed an update to the Raison site and made it into a WordPress multisite. We enabled domain mapping so two of our subsites can live on their domains. These two are YoGrow and YoSpec. But more on them in a later post. MultiSite We made the decision to use multisite so we could: Have […]


There’s a huge amount of jingoism in the startup world. Some of is useful and some a distraction. There are also hijackings and impersonations abound on the net. It’s easy to be seduced. I’m reading a good book called ‘Traction’ by Eric Ries at the moment. Many of the ideas remind of the pragmatism of Siddharta. “Do […]

Hello World

These next few weeks are a big deal. Soon we will launch our new SaaS service and with that marks the evolution of Raison from an agency to a service. Raison is the name of the WooCommerce agency I set up five years ago. We grew to become the best known Woo agency in the […]